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Namaskaram - salutations I dedicate my blog to the enormous art lovers across the globe I love knitting so much that I have started a blog for knitting.Knitting is a job that I will like to go on.Through knitting I breathe life into many people's life. It is knitting time. When I want to relax I do it with knitting. I am a knitting buff.I love to do knitting on various topics. There is no way that you can stop me doing knitting.I am born with a flare for knitting.My face brightens once I touch the knitting needs.The electronic media has helped knitting to travel across the world.Every stitch made will talk about how knitting has influenced people.I have done some and would like to share it with you. Some patterns have been taken from free knitting sites. Some designs have been created by me. Many a times I have modified the patterns to suite my requirements. Finally I can say that I breathe knitting, I talk knitting, I walk knitting - a total knitaholic

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Thursday, March 31, 2011


This is the land that is part of the Greek coastal territory on the Ionian sea opposite the islands of Cephallenia and Leucas.Acarmania was traditionally settled by the sons of Alcmeon with colonists from Epeirus to the north.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Knitting as an art form

In knitting, the loops of thread are formed by a pair of rods called needles. Patterns are created by using contrast threads .In weft knitting, the regular hand-knitting process that can also be done by machine, the work progresses back and forth; in each course, or new row of stitches, one loop is added to each wale, or chain of loops hanging vertically from the needles. In warp knitting, which is done by machine, the work progresses along the wales. Knitted tubing can be made on spools or circular frames without needles. The yarn or thread is held on a row of pegs that project from and surround the center opening of the spool or frame. Such knitting is also possible when the yarn is held on four of the knitter's fingers instead of on a spool, and it can be made on a large circular needle.

It can be said that the pre-Columbian Peru by the nazca culture [100 BC-AD700] developed this art in the fringes of woven cloths. Knitting apparently was introduced into Europe by the Arabs during the 5th century. During the Middle Ages guilds controlled the manufacture of knitted goods such as woollen caps.The craft flourished in England and Scotland in the 14th and 15th centuries. By 1589 a machine to knit stockings had been perfected in Nottingham by the English clergyman William Lee, whose knitting frame was so excellent that few improvements were needed for over 250 years. Later English developments-a ribbing device (1758), a warp-knitting machine (1775), and a circular knitting machine (19th century)-This led to the modern day industry of hosiery and other garments.The 19th century machine-knitted underclothes were common. Commercial knitting centers developed in English cities such as Nottingham and Leicester, and in the U.S. in Germantown, Pennsylvania,and in India Ludhiana and Tirupur are centeres for machine knitting industries.

Today it has been developed as a handcraft.It is considered as a folk art which has rich traditional regional designs. It is so popular that many designs are being circulating in printed handbooks. In Scandinavia, regional patterns in yarns of contrasting color became characteristic. Other regional styles, such as those of Ireland and the Shetland Islands, were distinguished by different patterns. Another style that was developed is ribbon knitting, in which the use of flat ribbons rather than soft yarns results in a markedly distinctive fabric. In addition to these hand techniques, small knitting machines, which require a high degree of artisanship in their use, also became available to home knitters.

History of knitting

Dictionaries define Knitting as “needlework created by interlacing yarn in a series of connected loops using straight eyeless needles or machines

Knitting is something that all of us are familiar. Hence one will feel inclined to know when and how the art of knitting  by hand started.It is to be noted that yarn fibers are biodegradable. It is believed that knitting was practised even before the birth of Christ. Historians have found out that a pair of knitted socks that was discovered in Egyptian tombs dates  from the 3rd to 6th centuries A.D. This can be considered ad the earliest archaeological evidence of knitted garments. The earliest knitting needle was made as brass rod that can be dated to early Iron Age.dates back to the early Iron Age. Spinning of wool started around 4000 B.C. near the Mediterranean Sea. The first wool factory that was established in England was build by the Romans in 50 A.D.

The early form of knitting is considered to be a crossed knitting.They were also known as single-needle knitting and pseudo knitting. In crossed knitting, the stitches are rotated a half turn instead of aligning vertically. This knitting method was highly developed by the Nazca culture in Peru (100 B.C.-A.D. 700) in the fringes of their woven cloths. Frequent color changes in these fringes were used to create intricate human and animal figures.

There are several theories with regard to the origins of knitting and it is very hard to trace them.There are several theories that talk about the art of knitting. It is believed that knitting might have started in Persia.While other thinkers think it might have originated from Israel, Jordan and Syria. Many feel that it might have started in the mountains of North Africa, or even Japan or China. It is assumed that knitting might have been the off shoot of knitting of fish-nets by men.

It has been found that some Egyptian burials have socks and other items made which were done using the crossed-knitting technique .The dates found are to be as far back as the 4th or 5th century B.C. There have been knitted socks found in Egyptian tombs (3rd and 6th centuries A.D).Knitted pieces were found at the Dura-Europas site near the Euphrates River (about A.D. 200).Sandal socks were from Saudi Arabia (about A.D. 350). It is to be noted that the earliest socks were worked in nalebinding technique; which was an ancient craft which often looks very similar to present day knitting. Many a times it might have confused many archaeologists with did not have any formal training in the history of needlework. A pair of patterned cotton socks from Egypt, dating from A.D.1100 is considered as a example of "true" knitting or that may be nalebinding too. Socks and stockings were the first items to be knitted because knitting was ideally suited for shaping a garment to fit the foot at a time when fabric and sewing woven cloth were less flexible.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Stitchery by Mildred Graves Ryan says that most historians agree that knitting was probably spread by (probably male) Arabian sailors and merchants who traveled throughout the Mediterranean. Many people believe that knitting was first invented by Arabian nomads who carried the craft into Egypt, during the 5th century A.D. Knitting was then carried through North Africa, and into Spain. From Spain, traveling Catholics picked it up and spread it quickly throughout Europe.

It was only from the early 14th century that we have the first references to knitting in Europe. At that time, the purl stitch was unknown, which meant that in order to produce plain knitting, people had to knit in the round and then cut it open if they needed to. The first reference to purl stitch was not until the mid 16th century, but the knowledge of how to do it may have preceded that a little.

Although nobody knows exactly when knitting started. Knitting as we know it today is considered as a recent craft.It has be accepted as a crafts similar to true knitting, such as cross-knitting and nalebinding.It is noted that this was practiced in a lot of different countries and cultures too, from Japan to Egypt to Peru. Knitting clearly filled a need in people's making of garments which is still continuing and growing.

Casting on

When you tend to cast on tightly, use needles a size or two larger than specified by the pattern for the casting on. Then change to the correct needles for the first row.

For an extra-flexible edge, use the double or thumb method and use two needles, held together,instead of one.When the stitches have been cast on, remove one of the needles. The large loops will be easy to work into.


He was the son of Alcmeon and Callirrhoe. After avenging their father's death,Acarnan and Amphoterus settled in Acarnania along with the colonists from Epeirus.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rubik Cube inventor

13 th of July is the birthday of Erno Rubik (1944). The Hungarian inventor is best known for his invention of the Rubik's Cube in the spring of 1974. One eighth of the world's population has laid hands on the Cube, the most popular puzzle in history. There is only 1 correct answer and 43 quintillion wrong ones for Rubik's Cube.

USA Woman VP Day

Every year 12 th of July is considered as USA Woman VP Day.In 1984, Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale chose Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate. She was verified at the party convention
a week later on July 19th. Ferraro became the first woman to run for vice president from a major party.

Argentina Independence Day

In 1816, 18 congressmen met in San Miguel de Tucuman and signed a formal declaration of independence against the king of Spain. So every year they celebrate their Independence Day on 9 th of  July. So for the children of  Argentine, this day marks the beginning of two weeks vacation from school.

Olive Branch anniversary

In 1775, representatives from the 13 original colonies signed a petition (the Olive Branch Petition) to King George III as a final attempt to avoid a complete break of the U.S. colonies from England. Hence 8 th of July is celebrated as the anniversary of the Olive Branch Petition.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Phaethon was born to Clymene and god Phoebus- Apollo- who was not a mortal man. Phoebus used to daily ride across the world in his Sun's dazzling chariot. The lad's friends used to mock at him when he talked about his high birth.One day under his mother's instruction he sought from the heavenly sire a boon through which he would be known as of divine race.

Before dawn he came to the golden palace of Phoebus,where the purple-mantled god sat on his ivory throne,amid a rainbow sheen of jewels. The hours, the Days, the Months and all his ministers and henchmen stood around him. The seasons were all there. Spring was covered with fresh blossoms. Summer was naked and had clothes of leaves and had crowns with ears of corn. Autumn was colored by the bunches of fruit he held in his sun burnt arms. Winter was shivering who had snow-white locks.Seeing this magnificent scene Phaethon's eyes were filled with ecstasy.He did not dare to move towards the throne, but waited till his father would call him by his name.

Phoebus laid aside his crown of sun rays which mortal being could not take a gaze. He welcomed his son to the halls of the heaven and enquired what brought him from earth.As soon he heard his father's words, the beardless boy went near with a hesitation and saw the god's smiling face. He complained that many of his friends would not believe him to be Apollo's son. Hence he requested that the god give him a promise or a boon that would enable the whole world to know about his birth.

God replied that even before the world comes to know he accepts him as his son. Since he asked for a proof of favour he will grant him . He says that he swears by the Styx[river] a oath that binds even the gods.

Hence Phaethon asks that his wish was to drive the chariot of the Sun for one day.

To this request Phoebus, head started to glow with anger. He charges that as a youth who is mortal cannot do a  feat as gods have not been able to do safely. He said that Jupiter himself does not take the reins of the Sun's coursers. He also said that among all the sons of Olympus, he alone could stand firm in the burning car. he had the courage to correctly ride the fiery spiritual horses on their sloppy and gruelling path.  Hence he said that he earnestly request him to take back this dangerous boon.he further tells him to ask any thing else that is in heaven and earth . he once again swears in the name of Styx.

To this the youth was steadfast on his request and would not budge under any circumstances . Phoebus realised that none of his fatherly counsellings would deter this youth. So the lord of the Sun finally gave up. as he was bound by his oath he consented,but feared what would the final outcome if he handed over the steeds to a weak hand.

Now the time came for the daily journey. Aurora began to draw back the rosy curtains of the East. Phoebus led his son to Vulcan's masterpiece- the golden chariot that was studded with sparkling gems. It was so rich and beautiful. The vanishing stars and the fading on the Moon's horns were signal to lead out the four coursers of the Sun.The swift horses were pawing and neighing showed as they were fed with ambrosia and refreshed by the night's rest and they were ready to accomplish their accustomed task. While the swift-fingered Hours fitted on their clanking and harnessed them to the chariot -pole. Phoebus with great fondness anointed the youth with a sacred balm so that he would be able to bear the heat of his glowing course. The impatient son would not hear to the  Gods warnings.

Phoebus started to give instructions to his son. he said that he should stick to the straight path which was marked with signs of beasts. He should watch or guard while going by the horns of the Bull and the mouth of the roaring Lion. Avoid the far-stretched claws of the Scorpion or the Crab. Stay away from North Pole and South Pole. Must hold the upper arch of the sky from east to West. The safest would be the middle way.Not to sink too far down as the earth might catch fire or rise too high that might scorch the face of heaven.To spare the goad, must draw the reins tight as the horses would fly by themselves and their job was to hold them. He now requested his son to mount the chariot and to think twice in time.This ride would not earn him honour but would get punishment and destruction.He told his son to leave the chariot to him and he should be content to sit and watch its course like any other normal being.

Then Thetis drew the bar of heaven , Phaethon let the angry horses which were bound, he bade farewell to his anxious father and thanked him.

Phaethon urged that mettlesome team through the morning mists, with east wind following  to sweep him on hid proud career. But soon the swiftness took away his breath. His head began to spin as the car under his light weight shook and swayed like a keel without a blast.The fiery coursers realised that their reins were in an unpractised hand. As he was not able to control the horses started to aside and they left their wonted way. Everyone in the earth were shocked to see the chariot of the Sun speeding crookedly overhead as a flash of lightening.

Even before he could travel some distance Phaethon started to repent for his ambition. Now he wanted to wish for a boon that would save his life from this perilous honour.It was too late and now he realised how wise was his father when he had warned him.His head started to whirl, his face grew white and his knees shook as he looked to the earth and the sea beneath and the sky above.AS he did not know the names of the horses he was not able to control them.They no longer was mindful of his hand and took their own course in the sky. They pranced at their will. As they soared upwards in the sky, the clouds started to smoke. The Moon looked in dismay to see her brothers chariot being strangely guided. As the horses came near to the sea to cool themselves, they passed very close to a mountain and immediately the mountain went up in flames.

Disaster fell upon earth. Today the Sun was not in the correct course. It seemed it was rushing down like a meteor, while burning the face of nature and works of man.The grass withered;the crops were burnt.The woods went up in fire and smoke.Then bare earth beneath cracked and crumbled and the blackened rocks started to burst under the heat.The rivers dried up and fled back to their hidden fountains. The lakes began to boil. The sea sank in its bed. The fishes lay gasping for breath on the shore.

Poseidon thrice raised his head and thrice plunged back into his waves unable to bear the deadly glow.Scythia was not shielded by its frosts. Caucasus was not shielded by its snows.Mighty Atlas let the red-hot world fall from his shoulders. It is said that on this day negroes were burnt to black. One stretch of land became a sandy desert where men nor animals could live.. The whole world was destroyed by the Sun's charioteer. Calamity fell on man.

Now Phaethon had given up all hopes to check or guide the chariot.As he was not able to hold the reins and guide, he threw the reins fell on his knees and started to pray to his father.His prayer went unanswered due to the cry that came from the earth and called upon the heaven to save mankind from destruction.

The cry was so powerful that all powerful Zeus who was sleeping during the noonday hour, quickly woke up and raised to see what had befallen. He snatched a thunderbolt which was ready in his hand and hurled at the smoky air  and struck the senseless Phaethon. As he was not able to control himself, he fell down with his dashing locks. It was like a falling star that would land on the river Eridanus. The horses of the Sun shook off their yokes and broke loose in their stalls in the sky. This indicated that night had set in.The earth was still flickering like fire because of the folly of Phaethon.

So on that fateful day the son of Phoebus-Apollo came to an end because he did not listen to his fathers warnings. But there were some who came to mourn for his loss. The nymphs of the Eridanus gave him a burial on its banks. His mother  who was struck with grief came to pour her hearts blood in sorrow. His three sisters wept bitterly and they pietyed. Gods changed them into trees that started to drop tears of amber upon the water. His friend Cygnus dived into the river to gather Phaethon's charred body parts,he pined in grief and finally he was granted to haunt the stream in the shape of a swan.    

Acacallis or Acalle

Acacallis is the daughter of Minos and Pasiphae. She became pregnant by Apollo and was banished by her father to Libya. Here she bore Amphithemis, who later came to be known as Garamas. The Cretans claimed that she was also the mother by Hermes of Cydon. Eponym of the Cretan city of Cydonia.The Arcadians say that Cydon was the son of Tegeates and migrated to crete. some say that Acacallis also has a son Miletus by apollo.


It is a city on the Asian side of the Hellespont. Abydus - like many other cities was on either side of the Hellespont. It was allied with Troy in the trojan War.. It is better remembered as the home of Leander, in the Hellenistic romance of Hero and Leander.


Abdera is a Thracian city near the mouth of the Nestos River[Mesta] opposite the island of Thasus. Abdera was founded by Heracles in honour of Abderus.


He was the son of Hermes from Opus in Locris. He is generally said to have been a young lover of Heracles. Heracles left him to guard the notorious man-eating mares of the Bistonian king Diomedes and returned to find that the youth had been eaten. heracles hence built the city of Abdera in Abderus's memory.

Abas 2

Abas 2 was the son of melampus and Lysippe. He was married to Talaus. He was the father of Coeranus and Lysimache.

Abas - 1

Abas1 was the king of argos. Abas is the son of Lynceus and Hypermnestra. He was a great warrior and succeeded his father on the throne.He marries Aglaea. She was the daughter of mantineus, who bore him twin sons- Acrisius and Proetus and a daughter named Idomene. Abas also had an illegal son Lyrcus.


Abantes is an European tribe. The Abantes were named by Abas. Under Abas's son Chalcodon's - they engaged in an unsucessful struggle for power with Thebes. Chalcodon's son Elephenor- gave sanctuary To the two sons of Theseus, king of Athens at Euboea.He led the Euboean forces to the Trojan War. Large numbers of Abantes were among the Greek migrants who colonized various cities of Ionia - In Asia Minor.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Red Hen 1

Once upon a time a little Red Hen lived by herself. Near her house  an old Fox who was crafty and sly made a den for itself in the rocks.It was a dream that fox wanted to taste the Red Hen. His aim was to boil the Red Hen in his big kettle and eat her for dinner. He made many attempts  but was not succesful as the Red Hen was was too wise. When ever she went out she locked her house behind her and when ever she came home she locked the door. She put the key into her apron. There she had a sugar cooky and a pair of scissors. 

One day the fox decided that the day was right to catch the Hen and he would bring her home. He told his mother to keep the kettle boiling and when he would come in the evening he would be bringing the Red Hen and they could eat her for supper. Then he took a big bag and slung it over his shoulder, and walked till he came to the little Red Hen's house. The little Red Hen was just coming out of her door to pick up a few sticks for kindling wood. So the old Fox hid behind the wood-pile, and as soon as she bent down to get a stick, into the house he slipped, and scurried behind the door.

It shook the Red Hen and she dashed inside to her house , closed the door and locked it. She thought that she was safe and had a narrow escape. But it was not to happen. When she turned around after taking a deep breath, she saw the fox with a bag on his shoulder. So scared was the Red Hen that she dropped  her apron sticks and flew to the ceiling top. There on a beam she pearched herself. She gathered her courage and told to the fox down below, you will not be able to catch me today hence go home.

The fox being wily decided on a plan. He started to twirl around in circles. After some time the Red Hen felt dizzy watching the fox . She was not able to hold herself and she fell down from her pearch. As sson as the Hen dropped down the fox immediately put her in his big bag and carried her over his shoulder . Now the fox was racing to his house,where the boiling kettle was waiting for him.

It was an uphill task for the fox as he had a long way to go up the hill. After some time when the dizziness began to go the Red Hen understood how she was tricked. immediately she removed the scissors from her apron pocket and snipped it and cut a hole in the bag. As soon as she reached a vantage point she cut the hole bigger and jumped out off the bag. There she saw a big stone lying and the Red Hen picked the stone and put it in the bag without the knowledge of the fox who was dreaming. In a giffy the Red Hen started to run as fast as possible till she came to her farm. She went inside and locked the door from inside with the big key.

The old Fox went on carrying the stone and never knew the difference. He felt tired when he got home. He did not mind the travel as he felt he was going to have a great meal. AS soon he reached home he asked his mother if the kettle was boiling.

To this his mother said , yes the kettle is boiling. She was surprised to know that her son was finally able to catch the Red Hen.

The fox replied that indeed he has caught the Red Hen. He told his mother  that we he opens the bag, she should hold the cover of the kettle. He said that when he shakes the bag the Hen will fall into the kettle and she should cover the kettle so that the Hen does not run away. 

To this idea his mother agreed and she stood near the boiling kettle with the cover in her hand so that she could accomplish the act.

The Fox took the big heavy bag near to the kettle and opened the bag on to the kettle. He gave a ggod shake thinking the Hen would fall in to the kettle. But this was not to happen. As soon he shook the bag splash went the big stone into the kettle. As the stone went in the the boiling water came out and it splashed on the fox and his mother.As the hot water fell on them they were urnt to death.

And so the little Red Hen lived happily ever after, in her own little farmhouse.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Sun and the Wind

It so happened that one day the Sun and the Wind  started to quarrel among themselves to show their supremacy. They wanted to find out who was the stronger among them. Each believed himself to be the more powerful. As they were arguing suddenly they noticed a traveler walking along the country highway. he was wearing a cloak.

They decided that this was their opportune time to test their strength on this traveler. Hence Moon decided that their strength would be tested to know who was the stronger among them. Moon said that if the traveler removed this cloak then one of them would be the strongest person . Whoever did this feat then he should be accepted as the strongest person and the other must respect the other.  

To this the Sun agreed.

At once the Wind began to blow.He puffed and tugged at the man's cloak, and raised a storm of hail and rain, to beat at it. But the colder it grew and the more it stormed, the tighter the traveler held his cloak around him. The Wind could not get it off.

Now it was the turn of the Sun. He shone with all his beams on the man's shoulders. As it grew hotter and hotter, the man unfastened his cloak.Then he threw it back and finally at last he took it off.

Hence Sun was declared as the winner.

Poor man & Rich man

Long ago there was a rich man with eye problems. The man saw every doctor he could, but nobody could help him.

A rich man: What good is all my money? My eyes hurt so much. Who can help me?

He wanted to find someone who could cure him.

The rich merchant Lee has great pain in his eyes. He will offer great reward to anyone who can cure his eyes.'

In that town, there lives a young candy seller. When the young man heard the story, he remembered something his mother had said. She had once told him about a special herb that was good for the eyes.

The poor man: I think I know how to help the poor, rich man.

Wife: Then you must do it.

The poor man: I'll leave for the forest tomorrow.

One day he was in the wood. He saw the water from a stream. He was looking down at an ant hole.

He: Oh, no! The water will kill the ants. I must help them.

We're all one. I should help the ants.

The poor man was sleeping in the forest. He dreamed. He was in a big city. He was kneeling down in front of a queen.

Queen: You helped us. Now, we're one. We'll always help you.

The poor man: I'm looking for a certain herb. It'll cure any disease of the eyes.

Queen: I have never heard of that herb. But keep looking. You'll find the cure.

The poor man: Thank you. I'll search hard.

He continued searching for the herb. And, the sun was just setting under the trees and it was getting dark.

The poor man: Oh! I'm so cold and tired. Where shall I sleep? Oh, there's an old temple over there. I'm sure I can sleep there.

Oh, look! The bird will eat the centipede. I must save it. We're all one.

Centipede: You helped me. Now I'll help you. We're all one. Go south. Look for a bead under a pine tree with two trunks. Put the bead in a drink and tell the rich man to drink it down. The poor man: Thank you, my friend. He left the temple. He walked until late in the afternoon, but all he saw were normal pine trees. When he found the strange tree, he tried to find the bead. But he couldn't find it. The poor man: I'll never find the bead here. It's too small. I need help. Ants, ants, we're all one! Ant friends, please help me. Help me find the small bead. Oh, thank you, my ant friends. Now I can go home. Having found the bead, the poor man went back to his town. The poor man: Here! Put the bead in a drink. It'll cure your eyes.

A rich man: My eyes are cured. How can I ever thank you?

The poor man: We're all one. Your health is all I want.

The rich man gave the poor man a huge reward.

Poor man wife: You're such a good husband.

The poor man: You're such a good wife.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hair color

It is to be noted that even the heroes of ancient Greece used harsh soaps and bleaches to lighten and redden their hair . This was done primarily to be identified as these colors were associated with honour and courage. Even during the first-century Romans preferred dark hair. This was made so by a dye concocted from boiled walnuts and leeks. Things have not changed much over centuries. More and more youngsters are experimenting with styles. Perming, dyeing and straightening hair seems to be a new fashion statement.This is popular among the teens and younger people. Warning - it is to be noted that one must thoroughly understand the risks factors that are involved when you dye your hair.

Smallest pistol

Hi every body have you ever heard that there is a pistol that fits in your pocket and packs a hell of a punch. This is the SwissMiniGun . The size of the gun is that of a key fob. It has the capability to fire tiny 270mph bullets which are powerful enough to kill at close range. It is officially the world's smallest working revolver. At present the gun is being marketed as a collector's item . It measures 2.16 inches long. It can fire real 4.53 bullets up to a range of 367ft. The stainless steel gun costs £3,000. The manufacturers have the facility to produce made-to-order versions that will suite to their customer base. They have produced this gun entirely made out of 18-carat gold with customised diamond studs which sell for up to £30,000.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Barbie's birthday

It is very important to note that Ruth Handler on 9 th March 1959 created Barbie. Hence every 9 th March is celebrated as Barbie's birthday. Ruthnamed the doll after her daughter Barbara.

Barbie fans please note that barbie is from Willows, Wis.. Barbie attended Willows High School. She has more than 108 careers.

The saddest part is that Barbie and  Ken broke up on Valntine's Day in 2004. Their associattion spanned across 43 years together. It is said that they are still friends even today.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Burk Khalifa - Dubai

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa (known as Burj Dubai prior to its inauguration) is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the tallest man-made structure ever built, at 828 m. The tower’s architecture and engineering were performed by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill of Chicago, with Adrian Smith as chief architect, and Bill Baker as chief structural engineer. The total cost for the project was about US$1.5 billion.

Body gestures and its implications

A person is identified by his body gestures . Body gestures talk a lot about a person. Peter Collett a body language expert in his book 'Book Of Tells' has given a detailed of all these gestures and what they mean or how people associate certain traits when they do some work.

Scratching nose: People tend to scratch the nose when they want to hide something. These are people who are not telling the truth and are covering up to tell a lie. So to avoid being detected they scratch the nose so that no one is in a position to see the mouth ,hence you can go on fibbing to the core.

Foot point: Facing of your foot indicates what you're thinking. When you follow the line of someone's foot and it will show you what they're most interested in – if it's the door, they want to leave.

Open hands: Showing the palms of your hands is a friendly gesture showing that you have peaceful intentions. It indicates acceptance, good intentions and that you're open to new ideas. Hiding them, on the other hand, shows that you don't want to give anything away.

Furrowed brows: Lowering the brows is a predomentaly a gesture associated with men, which tells people, that he is the boss and he is looking at you. It also conveys that he is in charge of the situation.

Shifting weight: When you want to escape from a conversation, you shift your weight from side to side or back to front. Men also sometimes do this when chatting to a pretty girl to make themselves appear energetic.

Lip nibbling: Lip nibbling,means biting the lower lip or a corner of the mouth with the upper teeth..This is done to prevent someone from speaking. Hence it is used by people who want to stop themselves from saying something.

Tilting head: More often practised by a woman when they want to flirt and appear more attractive. It appeals to a man because it lowers her height, and exposes the neck. As the neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body, showing it to someone is a way of saying, ok I know that.

Looking up: It means that you want to escape from a situation or you do not know about the topic that is being discussed. Hence when  you look up, you're seeking help from above. People with a sense of self-importance also do it. According to the Daily Mail it suggests that they are in contact with the Almighty.

Blinking: It's a sign someone's worried, excited or even lying as they're under stress and thinking very rapidly.

Marina Bay - Singapore

The Marina Bay in Singapore has a floating platform. It is the world's largest floating stage .This floating stage is constructed on the waters of the Marina Reservoir , located in Marina Bay in Singapore. The structure is made up of steel. The floating platform measures 120 meares long and 83 metres wide. This is approx. 5% bigger than the soccer field located in National Stadium. The platform can hold weights upto 1,070 tonnes, when translated it will amount to the total weight of 9,000 people, 200 tonnes of stage props and three 30-tonne military vehicles. It has a gallery that can accomodate 30,000 people.

Erma Bombeck - humorist

Erma Bombeck (1927) was an American humorist who achieved great popularity for her newspaper column She used to describe the suburban home life humorously from the mid -1960's until the late 1990s. She also published 15 books most of which became best-sellers. And even today her writings are ever popular in US.

Gargantua the Great

On 22 nd Feb in 1941, Gargantua the Great , an elephant who was called as "The world's most terrifying living creature," was marries to Mitoto at the Ringling Brothers winter circus headquarters in in Sarasota, Florida. And, of course, everybody threw bababas instead of rice at the happy couple

Three cent coin

In 1851,on 3 rd of March the U.S. Congress authorized the silver three-cent piece for circulation. Many have said that it is the most useless American coin ever that was introduced by the government .

World Sit - Up record day

In 2002, Edmar Freitas, a Brazilian weight-training instructor, completed 111,000 sit-ups in 24 hours  to  break  the former record of 103,000 set by American champion Bill Evans. In 2003, he reportedly broke his own record by 6 hours and nearly 23,000 sit-ups, for a total of 133,986 in 30 hours. So March 6 th is remembered as world sit up record day

Saturday, March 5, 2011

DNA for a perfect skin

DNA of a perfect skin

Today was a normal day; there was nothing new to happen. As usual I was flipping through the news paper The New Indian Express. I always use to scan the advertisement page. Lo I found a new advertisement on a product on skin care. When looking close by I saw that a new outlet has been opened in a shopping mall that was in the next street of my house. As soon as I saw this advertisement I was reminded of my friend Julie. Julie was my neighbour when I was living in the railway quarters.

Julie was always in the habit of dressing herself. Her mother used to say that she is wearing a war paint. Her obsession to make up was much that she would just buy anything that was new in the market. She had a huge collection of makeups in her kit and she would never share it with others. Imagine how much she would be having.

Suddenly I felt that why not I try this product. Without telling mom I went to the shopping mall and picked up the literature. I knew very well that my mom would be angry if she comes to know of my outing. Our family is against these sorts of items. They believe in our traditional herbs consisting of besan, haldi, and milk. This has been a proved product that is very good to skin and does not have any side effects.

The name of the product is X –your skin care expert. It says that it would redefine the DNA of perfect skin. I shall sum up what the ingredient is. It is made up of anti-oxidants and nutriences. It says it has an aromatherapy which will refresh as it has geranium and essential oils that would relax the skin and will bring the lost glow to your skin. It will also act as a defense against environmental aggression.

They confirm that it will improve skin firmness and elasticity. It will enhance skin luminosity. It will aid to reduce the visible fine lines and also will soften the deeply hydrated skin.

I think this is some sort of a salon that has branches across the globe . Hence to attract customers they might have done in-house research and developed this product.

Now I have to ponder over the various options in front of me

Do you think that I should try this product? You know that the earlier creams I use made my skin bright for only a few hours and after some time it started looking dull. It did have side effects as it brought some dark patches near my eyes.

It also gave a statutory warning that “Results may vary” I am in a fix what I should do? I have to do a facial so that I can look presentable for the forthcoming interview. Should I contact their local toll free number and personally go and check for myself. I would like to get an opinion from the customer who has used this cream. Have to wait till I am able to get hold of a previous customer. Until such time wait for some time and then take the next course of action. Till such time I shall use the old cream as I am sure that it is not allergic to my skin and I feel very comfortable.

Hemlock Day

On this day a fashion statement was made by legendary Taffy Hemlock. She attached padlocks [hemlocks] to the hems of her skirt to prevent winds from lifting her skirts (thus allowing her ankles to get
freckled). Will the modern icons in the fashion world would venture into this sort of  innovations. Hence March 5 th is called as Hemlock Day.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sun's gravity

The gravity of the sun is 28 times more than the gravity of the earth. Hence a person who is weighing 150 pounds on Earth will  weigh 4,200 pounds on the Sun


Earth is seen as a living organism that can breathe. It can regulate temperature, burns energy and has the capacity to renew its skin.

Earth is viwed as a metal ball coated with rocks, and shuttles through space at 66,000 miles per hour.

4 leaf clover

It is still beleived in some parts of Ireland that when a woman while thinking about a man , eats a four leaf clover- the man will fall in love with her.

Chief Montezuma

It is believed that the Mexican chief Montezuma considered chocolate to be a love drug. He used to drink chocolate whenever he felt like visiting his harem [ consisting of 600 women] . He drank nearly 50 cups of chocolate a day before going to the harem.

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is not actually a triangle. In fact it does not have a definite shape nor does it have any official boundry.It is blamed for the disappearance of over 2,000 vessels and 75 airplanes in over three centuries

Happy Birthday song

In 1893 Mildred J. Hill composed and published the tune for a song then known as "Good Morning to All," It was a song ment for teachers to sing and greet their students. In 1924 her sister Patty Smith Hill who had written the lyrics included/ added a stanza that became the now popular birthday song, "Happy Birthday to You." So when ever you sing out the birthday song think of Mildred and Patty. It is the most popular song and sung across the globe.

Father Brown

Father Brown is a fictional character created by the English novelist G.K.Chesterton[1874-1936]. Father Brown stared in 52 short stories. Later these were compiled into five books. Chesterton based this character on Father John O'Connor [1870-1952], a parish priest in Bradford who was involved in Chesterton's conversion to Catholicism in 1922.

Father Brown was a short, stumpy Cathilic priest with shapeless clothes and a large umbrella. He had an uncanny insight into human evil. He made his first apperance in the story The Blue Cross and continued through the 5 volumes of short stories. He was assisted by the reformed criminal Flambeau. Unlike Serlock Homes, Father Brown followed a method that was intutive rather than deductive.

Father Brown was the perfect vehicle for conveying Chesterton's view of the world Hence all the characters were close to Chestorton's heart as they were all giving  or mouthing his point of view.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let's All Eat Right Day

25 Th of Feb is considered to be Let's All Eat Right Day. It is the birthday of nutritionist Adelle Davis who was famous for advocating healthy eating, especially via her bestselling book, "Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit."
To commemorate her on this day people are invited to eat their hearts full.

grand Teton National Park

On 26 th of Feb the Grand Teton National Park was opened to the public. In 1929, President Coolidge signed the Act that created the Grand Teton National Park. Trivia buffs: The park encompasses approximately 310,000 acres of wilderness,approximately 100 miles of paved roads and nearly 200 miles of
trails for hikers to enjoy.

Mardi Gras

The first Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans was held in 1827. The traditional colors of Mardi Gras are purple (symbolic of justice), green (symbolic of faith) and gold (symbolic of power). Celebrate by having your own party! Hence 27 th of Feb is the birthday of the Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Pate de Foie Gras aux Truffes

In 1784, Jean-Joseph Clause, a French pastry chef, received a patent for his pate de foie gras aux truffes. He went on to begin his own business specializing in supplying pate to the gentry. Now aren't you glad you know that 28 th Feb is the birthday of Pate de Foie Gras aux Truffes

Nile river tunnel

The Nile River Tunnel
The first tunnel under the Nile River was completed on March 2, 1998. The tunnel was dug to make room for a subway to run under the Nile between the different sections of the city of Cairo, Egypt. Hence 2 nd of March is considered to be its anniversary day

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Those roaming eyes

As soon my classes get over I always head home straight. On the way to my house I have to pass a shopping mall, play ground, and a kid’s park. As this was going to be my last day for this week I decided I shall go to the stationery store in the mall and pick up some paint materials for my art class. Hence I requested my dad to give some part of my pocket money so that I can purchase the materials.

As the school bell rang I went to my art teacher and asked him to provide me a list of all the art materials I require for the competition I will be participating the next week. As I was entering the competition in the junior category I required only the basic items like crayons, water colors, poster colors, chart papers, some board clips, pallatte, brushes, and a bottle of turpentine.

As I entered the mall I dashed to the stationery shop and was scrolling the racks. I was amazed to see that there were so many art materials and I did not have problem in picking my relevant things as I had already taken the advice of my teacher. I pulled a trolley and started to pick up all my requirements as per the list I had. While moving my trolley suddenly I noticed a box of crayons. It was an attractive box and a costly one too. I looked across the lanes of the racks to see if somebody had by mistake dropped it. As I felt nobody was there I immediately picked it up and put is into my pocket. When I turned the corner of the lane I noticed that a pair of eyes was watching my actions.

Then I realized it was the eyes of a fat lady who was cleaning the floor of the shop. Immediately she informed of my action to the supervisor of the store. He immediately called and took me to a room and questioned about the action. He said normally nothing is left on the floor and how did I get the box. Immediately he called for the security staff and asked them to the box thoroughly. While they were checking and opening the box suddenly a spark came out of the box and the security persons went out and diffused the sparks. The supervisor first scolded me for picking up things which were not the usual kind. He explained the seriousness of the situation. Since the staff were able to control in the beginning itself the store did not have any impact if the box was left unnoticed it might have caught fire and the store would have reduced to ashes. As I had helped the store, the store supervisor as a token of appreciation gifted all the art materials I wanted. I just dashed back to my house and it took me sometime to come over this situation. I realized that I should not lift anything which is odd looking.

Modern day orphans

Modern Day Orphans

The title might seem very amusing or out of the context. But it is very true. I would like to tell you about an experience I had last week, which did trouble the psychic of me and my sister. I do not want to name them and hence will be using only initials.

I live in a bungalow in Chennai where there are 5 tenants. I live in the ground floor and an elderly lady of 80 years – patty S lives in the first floor.

I would like to give brief events in patties life. She was married to a lights man [film circle] who had all the wealth and money and had a very rich lifestyle. She had only one girl named P. She was married to a person and gave birth to two lovely daughters S and K.When K was 1 ½ years old she lost her father in an accident and does not know what a father would be. When she was 7 years old she lost her mother. So Patti was left to take care of these children. Now tragedy struck Patti and she lost her husband [grand father] due to sickness. Patti came to a stand still in life with not much of support from family members and no financial aid she started to live just for her grand daughters. Time flied grand daughter S became a special person and K graduated and became an IT professional. She joined an MNC and started to take care of Patti and sister and started to live a normal life. When time came this May she got married to a guy in Singapore and left Patti alone. She admitted her special sister in a home so that they would take care of her. Now I appear here

For the past2-3 months Patti was suffering form fever and was diagnosed as malaria by Isabella hospital where she spent some 15 days. There she was looked alter by her family person. She was discharged and came some. After another 15 days Patti fell ill again and none of her relatives were in a position to help her this time around. Her grand daughters so called friends threw their hands up and said that she cannot take leave/break from office. Granddaughter send money through this friend. What sort of responsibility does this person have. Just the show off types but in reality very selfish to the core. I consulted my sister and I took her to BRS hospital and she was admitted in the ICU.Since she had nobody I stayed with her for 4 days in the hospital.

My emotions are too filled even today if I want to recall this incident. I pray to God that this sort of situation should not happen even to my enemies. I found it hard to jell that at this age Patti was more or less an orphan who has been abandoned. What can anybody do? Her grand daughter who is in India cannot come to her help as she is a special person. The only person who could help her was her granddaughter who is in Singapore.

I just stepped in to pull out a Patti in her need and my sister prayed for her speedy recovery. I just ponder to think why God has created these sorts of people who are helpless. They require close monitoring and also help. At this age she does not want to go to an old age home as she feels she will have no breathing space and she will have to live in a concrete jungle.

I wish there were some sort of help groups who would take care of these people. I have heard that in US and other countries there are home – half way homes who take care of people who are old but at the same time they still like to do their daily chores by themselves.These sort of people can truly be called as modern day orphans.

I appeal to one and all to pray so that Patti can quickly get her passport and fly to Singapore to stay with her granddaughter.

May God bless her.

Fragile hands

Fragile Hands

Hands are two beautiful gifts that God has given to every individual. Hence it is very important that one should consider how an individuals hand is sp fragile. One must limit oneself to consider how much he can hold. It is only human being who have the tendency to make space to hold many things more than what can he hold.

One can reflect how the multitasking of today’s man work culture is and how one has to stay ahead of a stiff competition. If he does not increase his knowledge on many topics he might fall back on his capabilities.

The man who is part of a larger institution must race against time and works around the clock to meets his global customer’s requirements. Since today’s business is customer centric all the needs of the customers must be taken into consideration.

If we were to hold a magnifying glass it will highlight more intricate fashion of individuals’ requirements. Here we are able to see how the world moves like a worm among a bush plant. A person does not have time to attend to the telephone call, nor has the time to eat his pizza or drink a cup of tea. CD’s have to be created and stored to hold the customer list as this itself is too long. One must not forget that all we are doing or taking so much effort so that that the business does not fall out with their customers. Being computer savvy is an added qualification that helps us to main our decorum in the work place and also reduces the stress levels.

Finally we can see that there are so many invisible strings around the fingers that can snap at any given time and the hold we are having might slip past our life. Today man has to think twice about his job and what are the pros and cons of doing something. Has it at any given point of time stood by him or was he able to derive satisfaction from the work he is doing. If he does not get inspired then he is more or less like a vegetable doing some routine pattern .The recession has already taken its heavy toil and we are able to visualize how many people are starting from the scratch. Hence we should always remember to safe guard those fragile hands that serve us relentlessly till we live in this earth

my encounter with death

My Encounter with death

This one of the my story writing sessions I had with my student in Singapore.Just an imagenary fiction. Touch wood this sort of situations has not reached Chennai.

I am a lovely mama's boy. It was my ususal custom to buy the groceries for my mom so that on Sunday I can have a day to all myself. Sunday a day for me which is always dear to me. No homework, no study only play play and play.

It was Saturday morning and there was nothing unusual. My day to do the house hold chores. As I have a working mother I do help her in small activites so that the baksheesh[lanjam] I get from my mother Rs 25/- is also very dear to me.Hence I geared myself to pay my visit to the nearby shopping mall to pick up some groceries for my mom. I went to the bus stop waited for my bus route M47 bus that would take to the new mall which has opened in our locality. As soon I boarded the bus I purchased a ticket to Sky Walk. Previously this stop was called as Arun Hotel.I heard it has a very good food court and also a play area for kids to play some indoor games and also a play station. Yes I could see the MacDonalds, Pizza Corner and many more.

The hall in the mall was crowded with all sorts of aged people. Since they have a ramp many people do come here.The kids corner were filled with kids who were enjoying their mini rides .I could see many sweet teens were enjoying their drinks. Many ladies were buzzing in picking up the items required for their house. Elderly persons were seated in the lounge area - especially build for them so that they too can have a space for themselves.I could see that the cosmetics shop were filled with beautiful girls who were checking on the latest perfume that has arrived on the market. The jewelry sop was over crowed as many girls and ladies were trying out the new wave jewellary that had been realeased in the shop.The security guards in the mall were on their toes instructing people to follow some rules . announcements were made through the speaker system requesting visitors to safe guard their possessions and to be very careful with their purses/wallets as there were shoplifters.

While I was whistling and walking around in the second floor , a sudden noise disturbed me . The sputter came from know where and all of us were disturbed.This created a bedlam among visitors who were searching for safer places. One of the guards just informed that a mad man has blown himself up. But the outfit it came to light that he was a terrorist who just blew himself in the shopping mall . As soon smoke started to below the automatic alarm siren started knolling .I could see many charred bodies. Many innocent people were hurt and many were killed. The firemen present on the scene were pressed into service. The policemen took stock of the situation. The whole area looked gruesome. Many humany limbs and flesh were scattered on the floor. Many who survived, I could see their dress were soaked with human blood. The entire area looked like a loathing and I had to clamber for a safe area.

Ambulances rushed in without any delay and the bruised persons were sent to the infirmaries. Many volunteered to drive their car to the fortuity site and ensured that the injured people were picked up and dropped them in the nearby hospitals. The whole area was in ahmbless as I saw many small children crying and searching for its parents/mothers.

I often read in newspaper about these incidents happening abroad. In the news channel these horrible secens would be flasing. Now I realised how these acts commove the human psyche.I could see how many people were physically diddered and running around to find safe area to take shelter .

Without buying anything I just scurried home. I was lucky that I was able to navigate through the crowd and reach home. For the first time in my life I contemporaneous of a horrible thing. I started to think how these terrorists who were no way related to my country just walked in to creat an flagitious crime. People now had the modern gadgets with them and they could travel across the globe . They took this path of violence as an effortless implement that could fit into their hands to turn against the government or authority. I would ponder to think how these people without were spifflicating many cities. They are merely scathing innocent citizens . Now I realised how individual governments were grappling to bring back normalcy .


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