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Saturday, March 5, 2011

DNA for a perfect skin

DNA of a perfect skin

Today was a normal day; there was nothing new to happen. As usual I was flipping through the news paper The New Indian Express. I always use to scan the advertisement page. Lo I found a new advertisement on a product on skin care. When looking close by I saw that a new outlet has been opened in a shopping mall that was in the next street of my house. As soon as I saw this advertisement I was reminded of my friend Julie. Julie was my neighbour when I was living in the railway quarters.

Julie was always in the habit of dressing herself. Her mother used to say that she is wearing a war paint. Her obsession to make up was much that she would just buy anything that was new in the market. She had a huge collection of makeups in her kit and she would never share it with others. Imagine how much she would be having.

Suddenly I felt that why not I try this product. Without telling mom I went to the shopping mall and picked up the literature. I knew very well that my mom would be angry if she comes to know of my outing. Our family is against these sorts of items. They believe in our traditional herbs consisting of besan, haldi, and milk. This has been a proved product that is very good to skin and does not have any side effects.

The name of the product is X –your skin care expert. It says that it would redefine the DNA of perfect skin. I shall sum up what the ingredient is. It is made up of anti-oxidants and nutriences. It says it has an aromatherapy which will refresh as it has geranium and essential oils that would relax the skin and will bring the lost glow to your skin. It will also act as a defense against environmental aggression.

They confirm that it will improve skin firmness and elasticity. It will enhance skin luminosity. It will aid to reduce the visible fine lines and also will soften the deeply hydrated skin.

I think this is some sort of a salon that has branches across the globe . Hence to attract customers they might have done in-house research and developed this product.

Now I have to ponder over the various options in front of me

Do you think that I should try this product? You know that the earlier creams I use made my skin bright for only a few hours and after some time it started looking dull. It did have side effects as it brought some dark patches near my eyes.

It also gave a statutory warning that “Results may vary” I am in a fix what I should do? I have to do a facial so that I can look presentable for the forthcoming interview. Should I contact their local toll free number and personally go and check for myself. I would like to get an opinion from the customer who has used this cream. Have to wait till I am able to get hold of a previous customer. Until such time wait for some time and then take the next course of action. Till such time I shall use the old cream as I am sure that it is not allergic to my skin and I feel very comfortable.


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Thanks Kasturi - one has to be extra careful while going in for cosmetics


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