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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Modern day orphans

Modern Day Orphans

The title might seem very amusing or out of the context. But it is very true. I would like to tell you about an experience I had last week, which did trouble the psychic of me and my sister. I do not want to name them and hence will be using only initials.

I live in a bungalow in Chennai where there are 5 tenants. I live in the ground floor and an elderly lady of 80 years – patty S lives in the first floor.

I would like to give brief events in patties life. She was married to a lights man [film circle] who had all the wealth and money and had a very rich lifestyle. She had only one girl named P. She was married to a person and gave birth to two lovely daughters S and K.When K was 1 ½ years old she lost her father in an accident and does not know what a father would be. When she was 7 years old she lost her mother. So Patti was left to take care of these children. Now tragedy struck Patti and she lost her husband [grand father] due to sickness. Patti came to a stand still in life with not much of support from family members and no financial aid she started to live just for her grand daughters. Time flied grand daughter S became a special person and K graduated and became an IT professional. She joined an MNC and started to take care of Patti and sister and started to live a normal life. When time came this May she got married to a guy in Singapore and left Patti alone. She admitted her special sister in a home so that they would take care of her. Now I appear here

For the past2-3 months Patti was suffering form fever and was diagnosed as malaria by Isabella hospital where she spent some 15 days. There she was looked alter by her family person. She was discharged and came some. After another 15 days Patti fell ill again and none of her relatives were in a position to help her this time around. Her grand daughters so called friends threw their hands up and said that she cannot take leave/break from office. Granddaughter send money through this friend. What sort of responsibility does this person have. Just the show off types but in reality very selfish to the core. I consulted my sister and I took her to BRS hospital and she was admitted in the ICU.Since she had nobody I stayed with her for 4 days in the hospital.

My emotions are too filled even today if I want to recall this incident. I pray to God that this sort of situation should not happen even to my enemies. I found it hard to jell that at this age Patti was more or less an orphan who has been abandoned. What can anybody do? Her grand daughter who is in India cannot come to her help as she is a special person. The only person who could help her was her granddaughter who is in Singapore.

I just stepped in to pull out a Patti in her need and my sister prayed for her speedy recovery. I just ponder to think why God has created these sorts of people who are helpless. They require close monitoring and also help. At this age she does not want to go to an old age home as she feels she will have no breathing space and she will have to live in a concrete jungle.

I wish there were some sort of help groups who would take care of these people. I have heard that in US and other countries there are home – half way homes who take care of people who are old but at the same time they still like to do their daily chores by themselves.These sort of people can truly be called as modern day orphans.

I appeal to one and all to pray so that Patti can quickly get her passport and fly to Singapore to stay with her granddaughter.

May God bless her.

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