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Monday, December 26, 2011

Eudaemonia for Mothers

Eudaemonia for Mothers
Lakshmi is a busy IT consulting working in Sriperambattur, the IT hub of Chennai. She has such a busy work schedule that she has forgotten her mother Uma. It just happened that she forgot her mother’s birthday too. One day her friend Anu sent an envelope. Lakshmi was surprised to receive a cover from her friend. They have been classmates from LKG onwards. Both of them completed their IT degree from Anna University. Lakshmi opened the envelope , she was shocked to know that she was being invited to attend a conference dedicated to mothers. A strong bell struck her head and immediately she said “ops I forgot Amma’s birthday. Anu had sent a complimentary pass because she came to know that due to work pressure I completely forgot and neglected Amma.

When Lakshmi opened the invitation it had these lovely words embossed on it. It read “Mothers eudaemonia”. These lovely two letter words took deep root into her mind. She just looked at the time of the conference. It was being organized at Chola Hotel, on 26 th December between 4-5 p.m. The place was located near to her past collage Stella Maris. She felt that she should attend this conference. Hence she drafted a neat leave application and sent it to her Group Manager. He knew this was unusual for Lakshmi asking for leave and hence sanctioned without questioning.

She went to her home and did not speak anything to her Amma. Took some rest and freshened herself and rode her scooty to Chola. She went and sat on the 4 Th row so that she could hear properly the speaker’s voices.

First to speak in the august gathering was the secretary who was organizing this conference. During her speech she said that this was a first step to take care of a wonderful person “Mother”. She said this was an initiative that will take care of single mothers and mothers at large. She reiterated that there are so many mothers who have passed their golden age [50 years +]. They are new type of people who are suffering within themselves. So a nodal point needs to be developed so that they are able to rediscover themselves. A place need to be provided, where they can open their hearts out and fulfill their childhood dreams. These dreams are mostly some sort of hobbies which they could not pursue to family and social circumstances.

She felt she would be appreciative if people could volunteer to this program. She said the responsibility of the volunteers would be to educate mothers individually about the options that are available to them. One should be able to talk to them to shed their inhibitions and to pursue their pleasures that they were not able to enjoy. The volunteers should help and assist mothers to bring out their latent talents. .

Lakshmi realized her folly and opted to become a volunteer. She said she was in a position to allocate her free time on Saturdays and Sundays, which would not disturb her normal life and work. Anu too came to the conference and watched Lakshmi’s tears silently and was happy that she was able to help a friend.

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