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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is it Good to get early

Is it Good to get early
Mullah’s father was a good and hard working merchant. Mullah was happy to go to Madrasa; the schools were he used to go to study. He was a lazy boy and wanted to sleep for longer times. Hence for him to get up early was a difficult job. His father’s ambition was to make Mullah a learned man. He looked for opportunities to educate Mullah and started to give advice on why one should get up early.

Mullah’s father had a habit of going to early morning walks. He liked the morning scene where the birds used to sing. One day he saw a bird attack a small worm on the ground. As the grounds in the morning time are cool and moist, the bird was able to get the worm. Hence the early bird got all the worms that were visible on the ground.

Suddenly this thought touched the Mullah’s father and he thought with this he could educate his son. While he was returning to his house he found a bag lying in the middle. He picked it up and was surprised to see gold coins in the bag. Being an honest man he looked all round for the owner, as he did not see anybody in the early hour, he picked up the bag and rushed to his house. Now he had two stories to tell his son, the importance of getting up early.

When he reached home, he saw that Mullah was still sleeping. He went near to him and shook him up to tell about the incidents. But Mullah did not listen and went to sleep again. Unable to wake him up, his father poured some water over Mullah’s head and face.

Mullah immediately woke up and started to ask his father what was the urgency to wake him up. His father responded and told him that he would like to share his bounty to him. The father told his son how the birds that made cheerful noise and started to collect worms for their food. Also he told about the bag of gold coins he found in the path. The father explained since he got up early he was able to get all these things and how important it was to get up early as you might have a chance to collect worms and find a treasure.

But Mullah had a different reasons for the both the incidents. He logically told his father that when the worms got up early, he was eaten by a bird. Similarly the man who got up early lost his bag of gold coins. Poor man must be crying somewhere. Hence according to Mullah getting up will bring trouble. The father was aghast to note how his son interpreted his logic and was able to convince him, which he could not refuse.

The story tells us that what is good for others, cannot be good for us


Mira said...
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Mira said...

Moral of the story : "We can always find excuses if we are determinant in what we are doing (focussed on goal)"

ha.ha..a.. enjoyed the mullah episode.

nityakalyani said...

Thanks Mira . Afer a long time I was able to get a Mullah book. Purchased and will be sharing many more stories


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