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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Councelling for Jo

        This is a story about my friend Jo .I and Jo were studying in a local school. We studied from nursery and we were in the same class. Hence you can say that Jo was my good was usual for me to pass by Jo's house before going to my house as we were living in the same locality . I still remember those days when we used to play in the large playground located in our locality. Suddenly one fine morning I came to know that Jo was moving out of Salem and moving to Bangaluru as her father had changed his job.
        I stayed in Salem and continued with my education. Since is was a district headquarters I was more or less a rural person but behaved as urban person. 
        Many years rolled by and one day I saw Jo attending the same school I was going. I was surprised to see her that she had totally changed in her appearance. Our approach on a subject was totally in contrast. Now I realised that our socialising pattern were also so contradictory .
One day during the recess period I saw that d that Jo was not in a normal mood. Slowly I came to know about the behavioural pattern of Jo.Initially I was not able to get the hang of her outings. Later I came to know about her smoking habits. One day Jo came to my house to deliver some books that I requested. Mom was shocked to see her dressed in a different way. She was angry with me that I had these sort of junkies as my friends. She strictly informed that she would not wecome these sort of friends to our house. She immediately felt that Jo must be taking banned substances that were not good for health and warned me that I should stay away from her.
Jo was a bright student in our class and I felt the urge to help her out of this situation. I started to study her moments and came to know that she was a product of a broken home. Her parents were squabbling among themselves and she did not feel like staying in the same house. To avoid these situations Jo started  to move with friends who spent their time in the pubs. There she developed a taste for drugs that would provide her some estacy and she could forget all things at home. This was the escape route that she had adopted. Slowly and steadily her health started to dis integrate and she started to fall ill. Now I felt that as a true friend I should step in to save her life. 
Hence I spoke to my school councillor and told her about Jo. She said be assured that she would take care of Jo. Hence slowly I could see that Jo was no more reclusive and started to move in the crowd. She was gaing her self confidence. I was happy to see a smile on her face . I know I have saved her life. I pray to the almight to give her enough strength for a speedy recovery.

2 comments: said...

Nitya Bhen, its a touching incident. Many children go to wrong paths because of bad parenting. Jo's life is an example for that. Good that she got a good friend like you that she was again put into right path. Congratulations! Nitya Bhen. Hope she is doing fine now.

nityakalyani said...

Previously the class teacher used to know individual student. When the bias factor came in many teachers started to teach various subjects. Hence teachers do not have enough time to dedicate to individual student.So this sort of neglect happens. Now many schools have full time councellors to check each and individual progress


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