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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pilus a mundane issue

Today morning I noticed while browsing an advertisement on transplantation of hair in the scalp. I was surprised about this advertisement because it is a known fact that hair cannot be added into your scalp. There are methods to prevent hair falling but I am still new to this process.
           I felt that this was a marketing strategy being adopted by the seller. here a physician. I do not know how far he would offer his service hygienically. I do not prescribe to endorse these types of gimmicks.It is very true that our hair does adds a lot to our personality but definitely I do not think that in one sessions we can replace the hair in our head.
          I decided that I would attend one of their service sessions so that I will get an opportunity to cross check with people who would attended along with me.
        Since I decided to take a plunge ,I decided that I should check all the credentials of the company which is offering this service.I feel that this company is new in the market and is selling their cosmetic line product for the first time. I decided to make a call to their toll free number and request for a free consultation and get a first hand feel of whether this product will be suitable for my hair. I know for the heck of spending my time I am going ahead with my decision. It was important that I should take an allergy test so that later on I should not have problems facing rashes on to my skin.
        By seeing the advertisement I felt that the company is doing aggressive marketing strategy. They are ready to offer first ten customers a free trial to their services.I felt goose bums in my stomach. I felt this advertisement to be a fake one as it is not possible for any one to grow natural hair under certain controlled conditions. I had a fear that they might be offering a wig that would be neatly pasted to my scalp . Hence I had a second thought of giving it a miss.
        I decided to check with my heat to see if I was going in the right direction. Suddenly my head said , stop buddy and listen to me. Head said have you ever given a thought from the health view point. Request you to sit down and think and judge for yourself if this treatment will be of any use to you.If you decide to proceed further then please remember that once you take  the treatment and per sake if you are not satisfied then there is no question for replenishment.
      Then I sat down and thought what my head and heart said. Finally I decided that come what may be I will not take this treatment because I just wanted to check on the authenticity of this treatment. Hence my personal view point will be do not get miss-carried with these sought of advertisements.

2 comments: said...

Many of the commercials are just exagerating. If they are told to provide an authtencity certificate then they will only end up bribing our officials which is an easy process in our country to get things done as per one's wish, if you have money!!! ha.aha.ha.

nityakalyani said...

Very true Mira - The policy of many MNC are quite different when they sell their products in India. The quality is totally different. Hence many MNC have failed when they started ventures in India.


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