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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Barbie's birthday

It is very important to note that Ruth Handler on 9 th March 1959 created Barbie. Hence every 9 th March is celebrated as Barbie's birthday. Ruthnamed the doll after her daughter Barbara.

Barbie fans please note that barbie is from Willows, Wis.. Barbie attended Willows High School. She has more than 108 careers.

The saddest part is that Barbie and  Ken broke up on Valntine's Day in 2004. Their associattion spanned across 43 years together. It is said that they are still friends even today.

2 comments: said...

Many girls own barbie or atleast a look alike but not the story behind it. 108 careers!!!! Its sad to know about their split up.

nityakalyani said...

Very true life in US is like that. When people start business together everthing is fine . But once fame and money reaches a peak then they part ways. Even Bill Gates also went through this type of situation.


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