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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Body gestures and its implications

A person is identified by his body gestures . Body gestures talk a lot about a person. Peter Collett a body language expert in his book 'Book Of Tells' has given a detailed of all these gestures and what they mean or how people associate certain traits when they do some work.

Scratching nose: People tend to scratch the nose when they want to hide something. These are people who are not telling the truth and are covering up to tell a lie. So to avoid being detected they scratch the nose so that no one is in a position to see the mouth ,hence you can go on fibbing to the core.

Foot point: Facing of your foot indicates what you're thinking. When you follow the line of someone's foot and it will show you what they're most interested in – if it's the door, they want to leave.

Open hands: Showing the palms of your hands is a friendly gesture showing that you have peaceful intentions. It indicates acceptance, good intentions and that you're open to new ideas. Hiding them, on the other hand, shows that you don't want to give anything away.

Furrowed brows: Lowering the brows is a predomentaly a gesture associated with men, which tells people, that he is the boss and he is looking at you. It also conveys that he is in charge of the situation.

Shifting weight: When you want to escape from a conversation, you shift your weight from side to side or back to front. Men also sometimes do this when chatting to a pretty girl to make themselves appear energetic.

Lip nibbling: Lip nibbling,means biting the lower lip or a corner of the mouth with the upper teeth..This is done to prevent someone from speaking. Hence it is used by people who want to stop themselves from saying something.

Tilting head: More often practised by a woman when they want to flirt and appear more attractive. It appeals to a man because it lowers her height, and exposes the neck. As the neck is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body, showing it to someone is a way of saying, ok I know that.

Looking up: It means that you want to escape from a situation or you do not know about the topic that is being discussed. Hence when  you look up, you're seeking help from above. People with a sense of self-importance also do it. According to the Daily Mail it suggests that they are in contact with the Almighty.

Blinking: It's a sign someone's worried, excited or even lying as they're under stress and thinking very rapidly.

2 comments: said...

Nitya Bhen, after going through this, many will watch their own more than the other's body language & gestures. ha.aha.... thanks for sharing.

nityakalyani said...

Great Mira - to take your time off from your schedules and post your word of appreciation.


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