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Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Red Hen 1

Once upon a time a little Red Hen lived by herself. Near her house  an old Fox who was crafty and sly made a den for itself in the rocks.It was a dream that fox wanted to taste the Red Hen. His aim was to boil the Red Hen in his big kettle and eat her for dinner. He made many attempts  but was not succesful as the Red Hen was was too wise. When ever she went out she locked her house behind her and when ever she came home she locked the door. She put the key into her apron. There she had a sugar cooky and a pair of scissors. 

One day the fox decided that the day was right to catch the Hen and he would bring her home. He told his mother to keep the kettle boiling and when he would come in the evening he would be bringing the Red Hen and they could eat her for supper. Then he took a big bag and slung it over his shoulder, and walked till he came to the little Red Hen's house. The little Red Hen was just coming out of her door to pick up a few sticks for kindling wood. So the old Fox hid behind the wood-pile, and as soon as she bent down to get a stick, into the house he slipped, and scurried behind the door.

It shook the Red Hen and she dashed inside to her house , closed the door and locked it. She thought that she was safe and had a narrow escape. But it was not to happen. When she turned around after taking a deep breath, she saw the fox with a bag on his shoulder. So scared was the Red Hen that she dropped  her apron sticks and flew to the ceiling top. There on a beam she pearched herself. She gathered her courage and told to the fox down below, you will not be able to catch me today hence go home.

The fox being wily decided on a plan. He started to twirl around in circles. After some time the Red Hen felt dizzy watching the fox . She was not able to hold herself and she fell down from her pearch. As sson as the Hen dropped down the fox immediately put her in his big bag and carried her over his shoulder . Now the fox was racing to his house,where the boiling kettle was waiting for him.

It was an uphill task for the fox as he had a long way to go up the hill. After some time when the dizziness began to go the Red Hen understood how she was tricked. immediately she removed the scissors from her apron pocket and snipped it and cut a hole in the bag. As soon as she reached a vantage point she cut the hole bigger and jumped out off the bag. There she saw a big stone lying and the Red Hen picked the stone and put it in the bag without the knowledge of the fox who was dreaming. In a giffy the Red Hen started to run as fast as possible till she came to her farm. She went inside and locked the door from inside with the big key.

The old Fox went on carrying the stone and never knew the difference. He felt tired when he got home. He did not mind the travel as he felt he was going to have a great meal. AS soon he reached home he asked his mother if the kettle was boiling.

To this his mother said , yes the kettle is boiling. She was surprised to know that her son was finally able to catch the Red Hen.

The fox replied that indeed he has caught the Red Hen. He told his mother  that we he opens the bag, she should hold the cover of the kettle. He said that when he shakes the bag the Hen will fall into the kettle and she should cover the kettle so that the Hen does not run away. 

To this idea his mother agreed and she stood near the boiling kettle with the cover in her hand so that she could accomplish the act.

The Fox took the big heavy bag near to the kettle and opened the bag on to the kettle. He gave a ggod shake thinking the Hen would fall in to the kettle. But this was not to happen. As soon he shook the bag splash went the big stone into the kettle. As the stone went in the the boiling water came out and it splashed on the fox and his mother.As the hot water fell on them they were urnt to death.

And so the little Red Hen lived happily ever after, in her own little farmhouse.

4 comments: said...

Liked the clever hen.

nityakalyani said...

Yes the hen even after getting caught - with her presence of mind was able to escape. Hence it is important that we should not rely on our brutal strength but also think of other options

satchitananda said...

Absolutely enjoyed reading the story. No matter how old one gets, such stories always continue to fascinate.

nityakalyani said...

Satchi - these stories are always very motivational. Hence when we read them again and again we feel that we got the relaxation that we required.


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