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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

my encounter with death

My Encounter with death

This one of the my story writing sessions I had with my student in Singapore.Just an imagenary fiction. Touch wood this sort of situations has not reached Chennai.

I am a lovely mama's boy. It was my ususal custom to buy the groceries for my mom so that on Sunday I can have a day to all myself. Sunday a day for me which is always dear to me. No homework, no study only play play and play.

It was Saturday morning and there was nothing unusual. My day to do the house hold chores. As I have a working mother I do help her in small activites so that the baksheesh[lanjam] I get from my mother Rs 25/- is also very dear to me.Hence I geared myself to pay my visit to the nearby shopping mall to pick up some groceries for my mom. I went to the bus stop waited for my bus route M47 bus that would take to the new mall which has opened in our locality. As soon I boarded the bus I purchased a ticket to Sky Walk. Previously this stop was called as Arun Hotel.I heard it has a very good food court and also a play area for kids to play some indoor games and also a play station. Yes I could see the MacDonalds, Pizza Corner and many more.

The hall in the mall was crowded with all sorts of aged people. Since they have a ramp many people do come here.The kids corner were filled with kids who were enjoying their mini rides .I could see many sweet teens were enjoying their drinks. Many ladies were buzzing in picking up the items required for their house. Elderly persons were seated in the lounge area - especially build for them so that they too can have a space for themselves.I could see that the cosmetics shop were filled with beautiful girls who were checking on the latest perfume that has arrived on the market. The jewelry sop was over crowed as many girls and ladies were trying out the new wave jewellary that had been realeased in the shop.The security guards in the mall were on their toes instructing people to follow some rules . announcements were made through the speaker system requesting visitors to safe guard their possessions and to be very careful with their purses/wallets as there were shoplifters.

While I was whistling and walking around in the second floor , a sudden noise disturbed me . The sputter came from know where and all of us were disturbed.This created a bedlam among visitors who were searching for safer places. One of the guards just informed that a mad man has blown himself up. But the outfit it came to light that he was a terrorist who just blew himself in the shopping mall . As soon smoke started to below the automatic alarm siren started knolling .I could see many charred bodies. Many innocent people were hurt and many were killed. The firemen present on the scene were pressed into service. The policemen took stock of the situation. The whole area looked gruesome. Many humany limbs and flesh were scattered on the floor. Many who survived, I could see their dress were soaked with human blood. The entire area looked like a loathing and I had to clamber for a safe area.

Ambulances rushed in without any delay and the bruised persons were sent to the infirmaries. Many volunteered to drive their car to the fortuity site and ensured that the injured people were picked up and dropped them in the nearby hospitals. The whole area was in ahmbless as I saw many small children crying and searching for its parents/mothers.

I often read in newspaper about these incidents happening abroad. In the news channel these horrible secens would be flasing. Now I realised how these acts commove the human psyche.I could see how many people were physically diddered and running around to find safe area to take shelter .

Without buying anything I just scurried home. I was lucky that I was able to navigate through the crowd and reach home. For the first time in my life I contemporaneous of a horrible thing. I started to think how these terrorists who were no way related to my country just walked in to creat an flagitious crime. People now had the modern gadgets with them and they could travel across the globe . They took this path of violence as an effortless implement that could fit into their hands to turn against the government or authority. I would ponder to think how these people without were spifflicating many cities. They are merely scathing innocent citizens . Now I realised how individual governments were grappling to bring back normalcy .

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