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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Sun and the Wind

It so happened that one day the Sun and the Wind  started to quarrel among themselves to show their supremacy. They wanted to find out who was the stronger among them. Each believed himself to be the more powerful. As they were arguing suddenly they noticed a traveler walking along the country highway. he was wearing a cloak.

They decided that this was their opportune time to test their strength on this traveler. Hence Moon decided that their strength would be tested to know who was the stronger among them. Moon said that if the traveler removed this cloak then one of them would be the strongest person . Whoever did this feat then he should be accepted as the strongest person and the other must respect the other.  

To this the Sun agreed.

At once the Wind began to blow.He puffed and tugged at the man's cloak, and raised a storm of hail and rain, to beat at it. But the colder it grew and the more it stormed, the tighter the traveler held his cloak around him. The Wind could not get it off.

Now it was the turn of the Sun. He shone with all his beams on the man's shoulders. As it grew hotter and hotter, the man unfastened his cloak.Then he threw it back and finally at last he took it off.

Hence Sun was declared as the winner.


satchitananda said...

I remember this story from the 4th std. in school. Somehow I did not think the competition was fair since it was already biased at the very start. The terms and conditions of the competition should have been something else where both the sun and the wind would have stood an equal chance.

nityakalyani said...

These are stories which talk of one's might. Even the planets have their own yardstick to test their power. AS usual it is the humans who become guineapigs. Why not test on some other force. Both are different elements and they can never come under one platform.


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