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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ways to ease muscles cramps

Excessive exercise or lack of exercise before a tough work out can lead to muscle cramps.Muscle cramps that happen during the middle of night are usually caused by calcium and magnesium deficiency. The cure to a muscle cramp lies in proper diet and regular exercise.

Below are some techniques that will ease the muscle cramp for a moment.

1. Apply pressure: To ease a muscle cramp in your foot. Put your entire body weight on the front of the painfull foot as soon as you feel it starts to hurt. Lift the other foot completely off the ground.

2. Walk it off: Try to walk the pain off once the first spasm has passed. Remove shoes and socks. If you are wearing any garment, remove them as they might pose restriction of movement.

3. More pressure: Sit down and put pressure on the foot of your foot till it pains and repeat this until you can bear the pain.

4. Flex toes. Lift the front of your foot slightly off the ground, resting your heel on the floor.Curl your toes away from you and towards the floor, then pointing them back towards you. Repeat until the cramp eases.

5. Hand to toe: Pull your toes back towards you as far as they will go if the pain persists. Use your hands to pull the toes towards you and hold them there momentarily . Also massage the affected area with your hands.

6. Heat treatment: Apply heat to the affected area.Dip a towel in warm water and apply to cramped area or fill a hot-water bag with warm water and apply it. This can help relieve foot and leg cramps

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