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Namaskaram - salutations I dedicate my blog to the enormous art lovers across the globe I love knitting so much that I have started a blog for knitting.Knitting is a job that I will like to go on.Through knitting I breathe life into many people's life. It is knitting time. When I want to relax I do it with knitting. I am a knitting buff.I love to do knitting on various topics. There is no way that you can stop me doing knitting.I am born with a flare for knitting.My face brightens once I touch the knitting needs.The electronic media has helped knitting to travel across the world.Every stitch made will talk about how knitting has influenced people.I have done some and would like to share it with you. Some patterns have been taken from free knitting sites. Some designs have been created by me. Many a times I have modified the patterns to suite my requirements. Finally I can say that I breathe knitting, I talk knitting, I walk knitting - a total knitaholic

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Legend of the Dipper

The Legend of the Dipper
Long time ago, a little girl and her mother lived in a small cottage in the woods. They were poor. Suddenly her mother fell ill. As water was not there in the house, the little girl had to go out and fetch water for her mother.

After taking the water in a dipper, she started to walk back home. While she was walking, she met a dog which was thirsty. Knowing fully well that there was not much water in the dipper, she poured some water into the mouth of the dog.

Lo! All of a sudden the wooden dipper turned into a silver dipper and water was full. As she was too tired, she did not see the change. While walking further down, the girl met a stranger who was also thirsty. She poured some water into man’s lip. This time the dipper changed to gold.

Finally the poor girl reached home and quenched her mother’s thirst. After drinking the water, her mother gained strength and she became strong. This time the dipper was filled with precious stones like diamonds and sparkling jewels.

The girl’s mother was happy, as she felt all their problems were solved and they were no longer poor.

Source: 365 Folk Tales – Om Books International


Shama Nagarajan said...

Hello Akka , Thank you for lovely words . Fancy buttons are available in all stores selling tailoring accessories like laces , kundan stones , threads ,buttons etc.....

nityakalyani said...

Thanks for the suggestions Shama will surely check it out in Raja or Selvan stores.


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