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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Urvashi and Pururavas

Urvashi and Pururavas

Once, Lord Indra was perturbed by the deep meditation of two powerful sages, Nara and Narayana. So, he created a beautiful nymph and sent her to break the concentration of the sages. The sages got angry at this and called Indra there.

“What you have done is unethical, Indra!” Nara shouted.”And don’t be proud that only you can create a nymph!” Narayana said. Then he slapped his thigh and out came a nymph.”She is Urvashi!” said the sage. Indra had never seen such beauty.

“As a penalty, you’ll have to look after her!” said Nara. Indra realized his mistake and accepted the punishment. Urvashi soon became popular in the heavens. But she had fallen in love with Indra’s friend, king Pururavas, who stayed on earth.

One day, a sage cursed Urvashi that she, be thrown out of the heaven and live on earth. Urvashi was happy in her heart as she would now be able to meet her beloved. As soon as she was transferred to earth, she went to Pururava’s palace.

The king saw Urvashi and fell in love with her.”Marry me, dear!” he said.

“On some conditions!” said Urvashi, “That my two pet lambs should never be harmed, and that I must never see you disrobed.”The king agreed and they were married.

Meanwhile, there was unrest in the heavens. Indra was worried at Urvashi’s sudden disappearance. he sent two Gandharvas on earth to find out Urvashi. The Gandharvas were the heavenly musicians who had magical powers.

Now it so happened that the Gandharvas spotted Urvashi in Pururava’s palace. By their powers, they also came to know about Urvashi’s conditions for marriage. They knew that Urvashi wouldn’t come with them willingly. So, they made a plan.

That night, the Gandharvas secretly entered into the palace and stole away Urvashi’s lambs. When Urvashi heard the lambs bleating, she woke up with a start. “Help! My lambs!” Urvashi screamed of fear and shock.

Seeing Urvashi’s hysterical behavior, Pururavas couldn’t hold back. He sprang out of his bed and went after the thieves. But he forgot to put on his robes. And Urvashi saw him disrobed! The plan of the Gandharvas had worked out well.

When Pururavas realized his mistake, he instantly returned to his chamber. “You have broken the condition! I’ll have to leave!” said Urvashi, sobbing. “B… but I didn’t do it deliberately!” said Pururavas. But Urvashi left him weeping.

Pururavas couldn’t live without Urvashi. So, he began to pray to Lord Vishnu. After many years of penance, Pururavas was able to appease Vishnu, who in turn blessed him to be reunited with Urvashi. And then they lived happily ever after.

Source: More tales of Gods and Demons from Indian Mythology- Shree Book Centre


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