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Monday, May 30, 2011

How to create a watermark in Picasa3

How to create a watermark in Picassa 3

1. Down the free software Picassa3 from the net on your desktop. It is a free software and can be downloaded easyily. Just follow instructions The following is the link 

2. Create a new folder for the photos you want to add the watermark

3. First Method

Select a picture from your file

4. Right click on the picture and select the tab ‘open with’ and you will get a drop down for you to select. Then click on view with Picassa viewer.

5.  Your picture will open in a new file and you have the Picassa editor tools

6. There are two options to use the edit button. Go to the edit button on the tool tabs or right click on the picture and edit through Picassa  edit . Now you will have a new page of Picasa and all its tools in the left panel of the picture

7. You have a various menus for you to use
1. Basic Fixes
2. Tuning
3. Effects.
I normally use the Basic Fixes to create the water mark. You can try all other features to fine tune your pictures according to your requirements

8. Create a watermark
a. Select the ABC text button
b. You will get a check box – “Type anywhere to add a text
Now add your choice of words or your blog details or your name.
Then you will notice a circle like indicator
This indicator arrow will help us to do the following options
1. Font Type – Arial
2. Font size - 12
3. Style - B [bold], I [itilized], or U [underline]
4. Alignment – here you can choose the area or location where you want to place the watermark
5. Color selection: There are 3 option Choose both the ‘T’ and if you want in multi color effect then you can chose the middle one where the color will not be filled
6. Transparency - You can select the way your color want to be keep it to the maximum
7. Then tick mark the Apply button [here you have the option of clearing all changes or canceling]
8 After all required changes have been done then go to file menu and click on “SAVE AS” and give a new name to your picture. This is very important because your original picture will remain in tact.

Second Method
Another way to create a watermark without any alterations is
Go to the Export tab on the file menu
As soon you click on the export tab you will get a window export to folder
It will have the following options
1. Export location Where the picture is located
2. Name of the exported folder – the name of the new folder created by you
3. Image size – adjust as per your requirements to ….. Pixels
4. Image quality - change as per your requirement . – I choose automatic –this will preserves original quality of the picture
5. Watermark – click on this box [add watermark] There is a space provided below this and here you can give your http details, your name as desired by you.
6. Then click on the export tab and you have successfully added your watermark. Sine this is an inbuilt one it will appear at right hand corner of the picture

Now your watermark will appear on the picture

Hope this tutorial was beneficial to one and all.
Please do get back if you have any doubts and I shall explain to you.


Vardhini said...

Nice tutorial. It will be certainly useful for new users.

Following you .. do visit me as time permits.


Mira said...

Very useful information, Nitya Bhen.

nityakalyani said...

Welcome to my blog Vardhini - Sure will become your blog friend. Thanks for dropping by

nityakalyani said...

Thanks Mira - a request had come from one of the blog seven thirty three. Hence wrote this. I hope many will be benefitted


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