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Namaskaram - salutations I dedicate my blog to the enormous art lovers across the globe I love knitting so much that I have started a blog for knitting.Knitting is a job that I will like to go on.Through knitting I breathe life into many people's life. It is knitting time. When I want to relax I do it with knitting. I am a knitting buff.I love to do knitting on various topics. There is no way that you can stop me doing knitting.I am born with a flare for knitting.My face brightens once I touch the knitting needs.The electronic media has helped knitting to travel across the world.Every stitch made will talk about how knitting has influenced people.I have done some and would like to share it with you. Some patterns have been taken from free knitting sites. Some designs have been created by me. Many a times I have modified the patterns to suite my requirements. Finally I can say that I breathe knitting, I talk knitting, I walk knitting - a total knitaholic

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My sweet buddies

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pearly our sweet companion

Today  pearly is celebrating her 2 nd Birthday with us. It was two years ago my sister presented a 32 day pup to me on a valentine day and said take care of her. I had very bad experiences previously and was apprehensive how I would take care of her. We named her Pearly [ Muthu ] as she is our precious bundle of joy. She has now become a family member and always stands by us. Sharing her moments in our family

Through her eyes I see my late father. My father spent some moments with us and after two days he expired. I feel my father in her . She is always by my side

Her eyes are speak a lot....

Her comfort zone

Always very possive of every things in our house, including Hrishi's school bag

Hrishis sweet buddy / companion

She will not mind sharing things with Hrishi , including her personal space


G.AruljothiKarikalan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
G.AruljothiKarikalan said...

she is very cute.... and happy birthday to her... :)

Kalyan said...

sweet indeed...looks cute!

nityakalyani said...

Thanks Arul - she is now one of our family

nityakalyani said...

Kalyani - she is now become very naughty .


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