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Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to get Kids to exercise

How to get Kids to exercise
One of the culprits responsible for the increase in the number of overweight youngsters is a lack of exercise. Here are some tips from fitness expert Dr. Kenneth Cooper and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education on how to get your children moving.

- Offer rewards for exercising, such as tokens they can save to attend a sporting event or theme park.
- Have a “toy run” by hiding small, inexpensive toys along a neighborhood route. Walk or run with your child to pick up the prizes.
- Watch events on TV or movies with a sports theme, such as “The Karate Kid: or “The Rookie,” and then try to engage the kids in such an activity.
- Walk or ride a bike with your kids while doing errands.
- Plan birthday parties around a sports theme, such as bowling, miniature golf, or skating.
By Alicia from USA.

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Usha Srikumar said...

Nice ideas...
Especially in days when childhood obesity has become a matter of grave concern....and kids are couch potatatoes or mouse potatoes.


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